Build a strong relationship with temp agencies and keep it

Have you started working as a temp yet?

You may find it difficult to land temping jobs just on your own.

Here is where temp agencies come into play.

They WILL keep you busy but you must also gain their trust.

Let's discuss 3 ways you can gain and keep the trust you've built with local temp agencies.

Show up

This may seem like a no brainer but you don't know how many times I've been told by temp agencies that they have issues with dental staff showing up to their assignment.

I get it, you book a job and maybe it's your first time temping, you freak out and don't want to go.

But please don't let that be you.

This is the quickest way you will ruin your relationship with temp agencies and they won't want to book you again.

Be nice and do a great job

Again, something so simple but is difficult for some temps.

I know because I've worked with them.

They are miserable.

This does not go unnoticed by the office and will get back to the temp agency.

Did you know temp agencies usually call the office to check in?

So always be on your best behavior, be kind, be curious, and just do an overall great job.

This is how you get offices to request you back because once they have a good temp, they

only want you.

Don't work behind their back

If the temp agency booked you this job, don't go back to the office without the temp agency knowing.

With some agencies I've had to sign documents agreeing to this and offices are well aware of this also.

There have been many times where an office would ask me for my personal cell phone number to call me when they need a temp.

And while this may seem like no big deal, just don't do it!

You will learn that the dental world is small and everyone knows someone.

You are depending on the temp agency to fill your schedule so why would you risk ruining that relationship?

So what should you do in that circumstance?

Here is what I usually say, "Since I temp full time, I depend on the temp agencies I work with to fill my schedule. I would never want to do anything that would risk my relationship with them. I would love to come back to your office but since I came because of (insert temp agency name here), you would need to contact them to schedule me again."

Easy and to the point.

I've had very good responses by saying that and pretty much every office completely respected my stand. They had no problem going through the temp agency to request me back.

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